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About Us

Paylessforetail.com was founded in 2011 as a discount beauty retailer exclusively selling on eBay and Amazon.  As a discount retailer, we will continue to bring you both prestigious and mass produced products at the best possible prices. We source our authentic products from retail shelf pulls and manufacturer overstock.The products we offer at a discount may appear less than perfect and that is one reason we can offer them so cheaply.Since 2011, Paylessforretail.com has added several discounted full retail lines.We find this to be a convenient way to purchase retail brands you love and grab some HOT discount deals, all in one convenient place!

We are a small family-owned business located in South Florida, USA. We do all we can to bring you the top beauty products at the best prices.

Paylessforretail.com specializes in providing discount and discontinued products at wholesale and below wholesale pricing. We also offer rare and hard to find items. We provide only new products. Everything we sell is guaranteed to be100% AUTHENTIC. Many of our discount items are shelf pulls, therefore, there may be some wear on the packaging. We cannot guarantee that any item will be "retail perfect" if it is discounted from the regular retail price. Think about it…if a lipstick is $8 at the store and you pay $1 on our site, the packaging might not be in absolute perfect condition—but isn’t it worth the savings?  In addition, if a product is clearly marked with an expiration date and it is past that date, Paylessforretail.com will make note of that in the item’s description (

(PLEASE NOTE: we do not use Batch Code Calculators or recognize their validity to determine whether a product is expired or not).

It is quite rare that we have any expired products (by the printed date on package) available.  However, if we do, they are offered at drastically reduced prices and clearly marked as expired.  We do not consider any product "expired" if it does not have a printed expiration date, or if that date has not passed.  These calculators work great to find out when your product was manufactured, but they can be misleading.  Most products have a date showing how long that product is good for AFTER OPENING.  Batch Code Calculators do not take this into consideration and are, therefore, often incorrect.  We do, in fact, sell discounted products that a batch code calculator may say is expired.

Some of the items you’ll find here are marked “GWP”, “Free Sample”, etc. These items were originally manufactured to be tester units (but were never used or tested). They may also have been sold in a set or given away at the retail level as a “gift with purchase”. Cosmetic companies liquidate overstock of these items to the wholesale market. We purchase these items from the manufacturer. In other words, we do not get them for free. We find these products to be a great way to sample an item without the cost of buying a full sized product just to potentially find out you don't like it. Please note that all product descriptions will note if an item is a tester unit or marked GWP.

The product catalog changes daily, so please check back regularly to score new deals!

Paylessforretail.com is not affiliated with any other company. All names/logos used on this site are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.